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We launched this project on November 25, 2009 and we have collected lots of tee shirts, but we are still looking for more.

So we want disabled people to decorate tee-shirts for the clothesline.
Lots of disabled people.

Disabled people who do not have a story to tell, and other supporters can sign a sheet to go on the clothesline.

You can see some of the tee shirts on this website. We can supply a tee shirt, or you can use something you want.
You can do this in a workshop with other disabled people, in a safe, confidential, fun and accessible environment. You may want to get together with some of your disabled friends and run one yourself.

Whanau, friends and supporters, Please sign our sheets that will go on the clothesline, to indicate that you support this project.

Contact Wendi or Robyn to :

  • Take part in or set up a workshop
  • Suggest where a workshop might be held (for example a meeting or conference)
  • Put agreed-to workshop photos on facebook
  • Send your tee shirt to us for the clothesline. We may put a photo of it on this website
  • Sign a sheet
  • Send us a suggestion or comment

You can also:

  • Join our Facebook group and comment on our wall
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Tell your community newspaper about the Disability Clothesline
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