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This page will be updated from time to time. We welcome suggestions of resources to include. Please note, we cannot guarantee the accessibility of resources listed on this page.

New Zealand

Robyn joined a panel of speakers at the Imagining the Solution conference on the stopping or prevention of sexual violence. Intersectionalities panel - Imagining the Solution 2013 The panel speakers challenge us to move our thinking into how we build social norms which promote respect for all people, and all peoples -- how we imagine the solutions. Panel - Elizabeth Kerekere, Mani Bruce Mitchell, Shasha Ali, Poto Williams, Robyn Hunt.If you have difficulty accessing the video content contact us for Robyn's notes.

Following a number of instances of abuse of disabled people in residential care, Putting People First A review of disability Support services was published in December 2013. This independent report placed a strong emphasis on the safety of disabled people. The review team included a disabled person with relevant experience.

Women's Refuge has information about its services for disabled women and some information for disabled women experiencing family violence.

Radio New Zealand Insight documentary, Disability Care, broadcast June 23 2013 looked at the abuse of disabled people in community care.

A report published in june 2013 The Hidden Abuse of Disabled People Residing in the Community is an exploratory study prepared for Tairawhiti Community Voice by Mike Roguski Kaitiaki Research and Evaluation. It is the first such report in New Zealand and will be very useful.

Domestic violence and disabled people is a booklet for disabled people and their supporters, to provide help for those experiencing violence and abuse. The Word version comes without the pictures, but with descriptions of them.

The National Network for Stopping Violence Services has information on violence towards disabled people in the Who’s Affected section of the site.

The Family Violence Clearinghouse is a site with a wealth of books and papers. A search for Disability reveals a long list of a variety of relevant resources.

New Zealand has ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) The New Zealand government has implementation and reporting and monitoring obligations. Article 16, Freedom from violence and abuse is relevant and provides guidance for government, and is useful for advocacy. It should be read in the context of the full Convention.

Robyn's blog, Low Visionary, has a post relating to the Disability Clothesline.


Stop the violence Improving Service Delivery for Women and Girls with Disabilities This project arose from the Australian government's National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children. It was designed to improve the range and response of responses to disabled women experiencing or at risk of violence and came out of the expressed wishes of Australian disabled women. The project provided a good evidence base to support future reform, ran a high level national forum for key stakeholders, and produced an on-line resource for further work. The site contains reports on the above, plus news, facts and figures and related information.

We now have a sister clothesline across the ditch. The Australian Disability Clothesline has a facebook page and is worth checking out.

The International Network of Women with Disabilities (INWWD) has a variety of resources. INWWD publications are generally produced through collaboration among multiple members of the network. This page includes papers on violence against women and girls with disabilities

Women with Disabilities Australia has an international reputation for the quality of their work. They have produced excellent work on violence and abuse towards disabled women.

Women's Quick Reference Guide Violence in the family is a short easy read Australian resource. The audience is generally disabled women. It gives basic advice on rights and what to do in situations of family violence. The Where to Get Help section is of course Australian so not relevant in New Zealand.

Sexuality and disability is a very good international site which covers a range of issues such as body, relationships, sexuality and having children. It also has a section on different sorts of violence experienced by disabled women and girls. It provides resources and information for a variety of audiences on these subjects.

Sisters of Frida is an excellent British site run by disabled women. It has some good material on violence and abuse.

A large US study on Disability and Violence and abuse September 2013 Abuse of Disabled People. Victims and the families speak out.

Double Oppression. Violence against disabled women is a basic resource developed in the UK for people working in the field of violence prevention and related services. While the UK resources and organisations are not relevant for NZ there is useful material for those starting out. to work with disabled women.

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